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Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs That Work

Jul 07, 2020



Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs That Work


In my previous businesses, I wasted a lot of time on tasks that were non-essential, not revenue-generating, or even the most urgent, important tasks that actually needed to get done in my business. 

Often, I felt like I was spinning my business wheels and not making a lot of traction. 

When I launched Digitally Joanne and after I endured business burnout, I knew that I wanted to be more intentional and productive with this new business. 

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I've always been a personal growth junkie, so it came as no surprise when I started learning all I could about business time management and productivity. 

In this blog post (and YouTube tutorial below), I reveal four (of many) productivity tips and hacks I use to stay focused, intentional, and highly productive in my own business. 

I hope these help you to do the same! 




    My Google Calendar is planned out daily. 

    Basically, I am aware based on the day of the week what the most important tasks are that need to get done that week in my business.

    I also know when I have recurring or repetitive tasks weekly or monthly that must be taken care of so that they don’t sneak up on me.

    This includes things like recording, filming, editing, workouts, when I’m walking my dogs, my morning routine, cooking dinner, time for projects, client calls, etc. This may seem excessive, but if you don’t have a plan for your time it will get away from you quickly, and you’ll be left feeling overwhelmed or like you didn’t accomplish anything at all. (I've been there too many times to count and it's not fun).

     Also, getting clear on your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks will help you to be more selective when saying yes to opportunities because if it doesn't serve your end goal or work in a time that is dedicated as your work time, you’ll feel less likely to add that one more thing to your schedule.

    Lastly, this productivity tip is really going to help you see forward progress even if that progress is moving inch by inch -- you’ll be making daily progress and with the allocated time to work on your business, you won’t be wondering where the time went.

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    Are you not able to get all the things done that you want to get done?

    Then ask yourself, “How am I spending my time? Am I maximizing the time I do have? Am I focusing on the most essential, important, and revenue-generating tasks?”

    If you don’t feel like you are making the most of your time, you might need to consider a time audit.

    Simply write down for a period of time (three, five, seven days) what you do all day along with the time spent on those tasks. Then simply look through and see where you could reduce or improve your time performance.

    I break a time audit down further and how to execute one in my brand new course Crush Your Productivity that you can learn more about below.

    I have found when coaching clients or having discussions with other entrepreneurs, that within our daily tasks, we are focusing on a lot of things in our businesses that aren’t actually moving the needle forward (tweaking our website, posting on social media, focusing on comparisons, engaging and scrolling on social media, writing and re-writing the same emails over and over again) or we focus on tasks outside of our zone of genius or expertise that we could potentially automate or delegate all together. 

    That's why occasionally sitting down and auditing your time or your calendar is immensely important! 


    You will regularly see me wearing a lot of the same clothes, eating the same things, and having a similar, if not exact, morning routine.


    Because it’s easy and mindless.

    It doesn’t take any extra work or mental strength. The millions of minute, insignificant decisions we make daily such as where to get gas, what to wear, how to style our hair, what path we are going to take to work, what we are going to eat for breakfast, you get the idea --- all deplete our mental strength.

    When our mental strength is depleted, so is our productivity because our brains have decision fatigue.

    By the time we sit down to work on our business, we have already made thousands of micro-decisions throughout the day that have nothing to do with our business.

    So, I recommend keeping a similar routine and prepare your day in advance such as laying out your clothes, prepping your meals for the next day, running through your to-do list for the day, and the like -- you'll find you'll boost your productivity because you aren't giving away your mental strength to things that aren't as important.



    And last, but certainly not least...

    I learned this stellar tidbit from my financial guru friend, Dave Ramsey. Dave talks a lot about this in his book Entreleadership.

    So often, we make tasks like our email, social media, reading Reddit, etc urgent and important, but in reality, those are some of our least urgent, least important tasks. (Otherwise, what's known as the Eisenhower Matrix)

    To boost productivity, we have to get clear on what tasks are the most important and urgent, such as client work, as well as the tasks that are not urgent but extremely important like long term projects, business planning, etc.

    If I feel like I am not getting much done and I am in a state of overwhelm, I will stop and ask myself:

    What tasks do I need to get done right now today?
    Am I doing the most important thing that needs to get done right now, today?
    Are the tasks am I executing working to move the needle forward?

    And this goes back to my first tip in planning our daily, weekly, and monthly tasks because I typically already know days in advance of what top three things I need to get done on a specific day to move the ball forward.

    I love these questions, though, because it keeps me aligned and mindful of what I'm working on.

    But really, prioritizing your tasks helps you to reduce business inertia and propel your business forward, because not only have you planned out your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, but you've taken it a step further to prioritize the tasks that are urgent or most important over ones that we often use as procrastination or a distraction.Alright, business owners and entrepreneurs, that wraps up my productivity tips for entrepreneurs that actually work.

 If by chance you want to take what I teach in this blog post a step further, my new course, Crush Your Productivity was made specifically for entrepreneurs just like you to cut through business inefficiency, reduce business overwhelm, and create new business routines and rituals. Will I see you there? Learn more or enroll here.

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