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Cultivating Girl Power Through Providing Dignified Jobs with Emilee Connell-Umanzor of Solohope

May 25, 2020


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Cultivating Girl Power Through Providing Dignified Jobs with Emilee Connell-Umanzor of Solohope

In this episode of The Girl Inspired Project, I had a candid conversation with entrepreneur and accidental philanthropist, Emilee Connell-Umanzor.

Emilee is the founder of her organization, Solohope, a fair trade home decor, and jewelry company, that employs and elevates artisans in rural Honduras.

Emilee cover a lot in a short time, but mainly we talk about:

  • How Emilee landed in Honduras and the start of Solohope 
  • The unique way that Solohope is able to provide employment for women in rural Honduras
  • The massive impact Solohope has had on their women artisans
  • Some of the ways that employment can drastically change a community by alleviating poverty
  • How you, too, can support Solohope

Plus, stay tuned to the end of the episode where Emilee shares a very special offer to The Girl Inspired Project listeners.

Get my power earrings at their website or follow Solohope online on Instagram or Facebook.

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