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Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout In Your Business

Apr 25, 2020

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I've had many, many conversations over the past year about business overwhelm.

Some days it seems our to-do lists are endless, we can't catch up, and feel bogged down by the constant weight of running, managing, and growing a successful small business.

The words anxiety, stress, and fatigue are used again and again.

Some women exclaim that they feel like quitting, that they've lost their original purpose, or that they want to do something different altogether (like I did). this post?
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Reflecting on these conversations and my own experience, I realized there is a deep need for opening up a dialogue about how we can reduce the business stress, anxiety, and prevent or avoid burnout. 

In my experience, no one was talking about this very real thing: burnout.

That's why I made the decision to sit down and write my story of burn out and recovery in the hope that I can help other business owners, entrepreneurs, and content creators avoid what I endured for almost two years!

My e-book, Beat Business Burn Out, is that recollection of how I overcame burn out and the many lessons I learned along the way.

Honestly, I wrote this for you, dear friend, because I am passionate about working together to lead more joyful, successful, and happier businesses.

Most importantly, I don't want you to ever experience what I did when I burned out in my business.

Beat Business Burn Out provides more than a dozen applicable tools and tips you can use to beat business burn out, reduce overwhelm, and get back to running your business instead of it running you.

I hope you find as much great comfort in this book as I have enjoyed writing it for you. Pick up your very own copy here!

As a bonus, you can always go back to my other burnout blog posts and study up on the following to reinforce what I teach in the eBook, such as:



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