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5 (AWESOME) Tips For Online Course Launch Success

May 11, 2020

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Five Awesome Tips For Online Course Launch Success


As a three-time course creator (and two major launches), I feel like I have some insight into what makes or breaks a course launch. So, throughout this blog post, I’m going to divulge with you, five tried and true tips for your course launch success. 

All in all, I want you to learn from my mishaps and mistakes, so you can save time, energy, and frustration! Let's do it.


Honestly, before I launched my first course, Social Media Strategy Made Easy, I had no idea what market research was. I mean, I heard about it, but when it came to launching an online course, I thought, ‘Why, would I need to do that?”

Market research is really your means to figure out if your course idea is going to be sellable. It’s also going to allow you to test your audience and see if your course is something that resonates with them--if it’s something they will buy.

This could be as simple as polling your community for what they would want to learn more about, Googling other courses that may already be on the market (What do they offer? What are the pricepoints? What are the outcomes?), as well as searching for your course content or topic on search engines and doing some research as to what pops up (Is the niche oversaturated? Is there a course out there that already has a similar name? Can you offer a unique take or spin on the topic? What terms, phrases, or words are others using in relation to that topic?)

That’s an extremely brief look into market research for your course, but just remember, it's important to validate your course topic before you launch. 

Here is a list of some things you could do for market research:

1. Poll your audience on social channels

2. Ask them to take a survey asking questions surrounding things they'd like to learn about from you, what their pain points are, where they need more help, etc.

3. Contact people who are your ideal customer avatar and have genuine conversations with them about some of the questions you'd ask in your survey

4. Connect with people in Facebook Groups that match your ideal customer avatar and gain feedback / insight that way

5. Research similar course(s) out there and answer some of the questions I shared above

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I wish someone would’ve shared this with me many years ago, but I had to learn through trial and error. Lots of trial and error!

Your course has to have a major transformation -- getting your student from zero to hero so to speak. 

So, think about what would the big takeaway be or the overall outcome(s) that you will use to share on marketing copy, email sequences, sales pages, etc?

If your students won’t walk through and gain some impactful change or you haven't helped them solve an issue or answer a question, your course won’t be profitable. Remember, it’s all about creating scalability.

This is why in Tip #1 we do market research and gain insight into what our students want to learn, so that we can create a course around those outcomes and transformations!


If you are launching a full course, not a mini-course, I highly recommend reaching out to your audience or emailing people you think would be a good fit to become beta students for you!

These students will receive the course pro-bono or at a discount (entirely up to you), walk through the course, give you feedback, and most importantly, social proof and testimonials.

When I launched my second course, my Beta team was awesome to ask questions, give insight into what wasn’t working, and be my proof of concept to share across all marketing channels to promote and sell my course.

The size of your beta audience is up to you, what you offer them, as well as what you expect from them is all on your own terms and parameters, but make it crystal clear so both parties are getting exactly what they signed up for.



Whether you pre-sell your course or have a beta test team, get social proof.

Have students leave you Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or the ever-popular video testimonials that you can include on your long-form sales page, in your checkout, and in your emails.

These golden nuggets of social proof will help inspire other students as to the outcomes they could have too, but from other people -- not from you! You already know your course is awesome, but you need help convincing potential students that. That's what social proof is for.

Psst... love this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest for reference later!



Just because you put a course out there doesn't mean people are going to buy it.

So, weeks before launching your course, throughout your course launch, as well as a few days after launch is your time to show up and serve your audience, provide tons of high-quality, free value that will build your know like and trust factor. This will also give potential students insight into the quality of what they can expect from your digital education, as well as inspire them to join your email list, buy your products, etc.

You can serve via their inbox (like I do each Monday!), on your blog, in a Facebook Group with a free challenge or training or some kind, on live videos, social media, etc. There are practically limitless opportunities and ways to show up and serve your audience. 

When you serve your audience, your community begins to trust you, thus, warming up your leads. When you provide free, valuable information, they will be falling all over themselves to buy into what it is you have to sell!

I hope you learn from my course launch mistakes and take heed of all of these awesome tips to help you have a successful course launch. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions by commenting on this post or by commenting on the video above!  



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