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3 Tips For Writing High-Converting Pin Titles

Jun 26, 2020

Hey there! Before we dive into the content, get yourself a copy of my Pinterest For Business Roadmap. This guide walks you through the step-by-step process of using Pinterest marketing to grow your business online without all the hassle of figuring it by yourself! Okay, now on to the good stuff! 



3 Tips For Writing High-Converting Pin Titles

Pin titles and descriptions are major when it comes to getting your pin seen on Pinterest.

Poor titles or no title at all can hinder your pin from being searchable.

That's why pin titles are an essential step to take when it comes to your Pinterest for business marketing. In other words, don't skip this step even if you want to! 

Psst... love this post? Be sure to pin it to Pinterest for reference later! 

So, let's talk about my best tips for writing high-converting pin titles! 


Just like in grade school, the title of a pin must hook the user. Tell them at a glance what the pin is about, what they'll expect to learn, what it is you are selling, or where the pin is taking them.

This is your opportunity to make the pin shine through words. You've got 100 characters, so use them to the full extent and give your pin more context to make it captivating and engaging for the pinner.



Your titles are not only vital for capturing a pinner's attention, but they also aid in SEO, which is how Pinterest indexes and organizes pins for search and the SmartFeed. 

In these 100 characters, you must hook the pinner, but it's necessary to add as many keywords in the title as possible, too.

For example, say I write a blog post about chocolate chip cookies. 

The pin title shouldn't simply be "Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe."

Based on a keyword search, a better title might be something like:

"The Easiest + Best Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe You'll Ever Need | Gooey, Simple, Chewy"


"How To Make Easy, Giant, Handmade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies At Home | Chick Fil A Dupe"

See what I mean?

So, we aren't keyword stuffing -- rather we are creating a conversational title and injecting as many keywords as possible. 

Below I'm sharing a link to how to perform a keyword search, which you can do no matter the content or products you want to publish. This will give you insight into what terms or phrases pinners are searching for in relation to what you want to launch or publish and help you incorporate ideal keywords.

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Readers, don't be that guy or girl.

Hashtag and keyword stuffing is not only a big no-no on Pinterest (you could get your content knocked down in the SmartFeed or search, be flagged for spam, or worse have your account removed and deleted altogether), but it looks sloppy and low quality.

When it comes to titles, as I mentioned above, you can create conventional titles, get your point across, and get your pins seen on the platform.

Besides if you keyword or hashtag stuff in titles and the keywords you are using aren't all exactly relevant to that pin -- you confuse Pinterest. 

Pinterest can read other data, such as the file name, text, and image of a pin, keywords you regularly use, your boards, profile, etc to see if this content aligns with what you typically post, so if you are including keywords for the sake of trying to boost a pin -- it might work in reverse. To re-affirm, your pins look lower quality.

Let's use the above example. 

Say in my pin title about chocolate chip cookies, I keyword stuff the following:

"Chocolate Chip Cookies, Easy, Best, Chewy, Simple, Big, Homemade, Oatmeal, Crispy, Double, Soft"

Well, it's likely that my recipe doesn't include all of those things, does it? 

Pinterest will try to rank that pin for all those keywords, but based on the information you include in the post, in the file name, and on the image -- it will recognize that in fact, this recipe isn't all of those things. 

Does that make sense? 

All in all, don't keyword or hashtag stuff in your pin titles.



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