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3 Things You Should Automate In Your Business Today

May 14, 2020

This is a guest post by Dubsado Expert, Caitlyn Bee, with Indigo Tide Market.


As your business grows, your client responsibility increases. I have found this to be the prime time where many business owners start getting overwhelmed and things go haywire. Emails don’t get sent, forms start getting lost, and life is spent solely on back end client tasks -- instead of the heart of your business. 

If you are like me, you may try to wrangle all of this by yourself and be at the point of exhaustion before finding help. Today, it’s time for you to take a breath and consider adding some automation to your business.

Before you cringe, let me preface with the fact that automation does not have to be impersonal.  The goal is to keep you organized and uplevel your client experience with consistency. Trust me, your clients will shout your services from the rooftop once you start automating a few things on your plate. 

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3 Things You Should Automate In Your Business Today


I used to email my clients with a list of available dates, wait for them to select one, and put it on my calendar. Save yourself time and implement a virtual appointment scheduler into your life. 

You can embed them on your website, send them in an email, or share a link with a friend. The beauty of this is you set your availability and walk away. If you use a software like Dubsado, the appointment will hit your Google Calendar/iCal and your day is planned automatically.


Let’s be honest, the days of sending a contract online and having clients print it, sign it, and re-upload it are over. People are always in a hurry. You can now house your contracts online and allow digital signatures for everyone. When you send them in Dubsado, you have the ability to keep them separate and safe in each client project, instead of filing them somewhere on your computer. Once the contract is signed, an invoice for the total can automatically go out for you and check off another “to do” on your list.

Also, just a fun tidbit. Unlike a lot of CRM systems, Dubsado does NOT charge an additional fee for invoicing.


One of my favorite automated tidbits is client testimonial/survey forms. It’s great to be able to have it go out after my project is finished. Complete with reminders to fill out the form, your testimonials will come pouring in. Again, having them housed in one software saves SO MUCH TIME for everyone. 

To encourage people to give you a review, I like to combine my survey form as a project check off that the client signs saying I completed the project to its entirety. 


Whew, think of all the time you could save with just those three automated things. If you are feeling overwhelmed with business tasks, take out a piece of paper and make a list of all your standard client tasks from start to finish. Go through and circle the ones that need some organization or that stress you out. This will tell you where you are spending too much time and help you find the perfect software to start the automation process.

Professional photographer turned business strategist, Caitlyn's passion is to keep you organized! Focusing primarily on setting up CRM systems, she helps biz owners automate their back end tasks so they can quit dropping the ball, impress their clients, and create endless referrals. You can find her at her website, on Instagram, or Facebook.


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