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3 Course Launch Mishaps To Avoid

May 18, 2020


Hey... Before we get started, I want you to take advantage of my free How To Build Your First Online Course Workshop; this thirty-minute training will teach you how to create your first online course from idea to launch. I hope this free training inspires you to diversify your income with digital education. Go get access right now!


3 Course Launch Mishaps To Avoid

Have I mentioned that I've made a ton of mistakes when it comes to launching digital education? Unfortunately, making mistakes is all a part of the process, but fortunately, for you, I am divulging three of my biggest mishaps and missteps I want you to avoid in your own course launch. 





Most topics are sellable if there is a major outcome or transformation for your audience.

Without those key takeaways, you can promote the course on your marketing channels, but people simply won’t be as incentivized to buy-in.

In other words, they want to know that you can help them solve a problem, answer a question, or work through an issue of some kind with the expertise you provide.

My first course, Social Media Strategy Made Easy, was a course I created because I thought that people would be into it, not something I had asked my audience about, so my selling point was that I help you with your social media strategy. It’s a takeaway, yes, but not big enough of a transformation to create a sense of urgency and intense need to buy.




Your framework is providing a major outcome or solution to your student’s problem or issue.

I have found that a lot of business owners, myself included, want to include each and every little piece of information in their course making it incredibly long, dense, and not enticing at all!

So, ask yourself, can you scale back the information? Make it more succinct? Break it up into more digestible bites?

Remember, the easier we can sell our course with this simple transformation--the more likely the course will be profitable and enjoyed by your students who will be your greatest fans, cheerleaders, and word-of-mouth promoters of your course!




Last, but not very least, my last major mistake to avoid is that you assume your course will sell simply because you launch it, but that’s just not true.

Between organic marketing efforts, sales emails and sequences, your lead magnet, sales funnels, paid ads if you go that route, and much, much more to get your course out there and garner sales.

Did you ever hear that people need to see something seven times before they decide to buy?

That’s why when you launch a course, you tend to do a big marketing push, provide tons of free content, and really put yourself out there on media and videos to share more about the course!

There is a lot of work that does into it versus creating something and hoping people will see it.

I’ve definitely made this mistake and I so, so wish when I launched my first course that I would’ve done more marketing, ads, and serving my audience, so it would’ve been more profitable -- I did some, but overall, it was nothing like where it should’ve been; meaning that I assumed people would want something just because I launched it. That's one of the biggest mistakes you can make for sure!

So, take heed of my course launch mishaps from this video and also get access to my free course building workshop where I walk you through the three phases of building your online course from idea to launch




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